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M-CRIL announces the establishment of its subsidiary in Myanmar "M-CRIL Myanmar Limited"       M-CRIL receives “Microfinance India Award 2013 for Contribution to the Sector by Enabling Institution”       M-CRIL Microfinance Review 2012 - MFIs in a regulated environment – a financial and social analysis       
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 M-CRIL India Indices of Microfinance 2012 
Measures of the performance of 24 of the largest MFIs in the country
Indian MFIs have been in decline since October 2010.
In 2011-12, 24 of the largest MFIs in India declined by 21% during the year, and by 30% relative to October 2010
CRILEX the M-CRIL India MFI Growth Index
M-Cril24, March 2003=100
CRILEX the M-CRIL India MFI Growth Index, a composite index of growth of microfinance institutions in India uses information on the numbers of borrowers and the size of loan portfolio of the 24 largest MFIs (each with more than 100,000 active borrowers). It adjusts the borrower numbers for multiple lending using conservative estimates for this phenomenon by M-CRILs analysts see below.
By 31 March 2012, CRILEX had fallen to 6,290

Download - M-CRIL India Indices of Microfinance 2012
News And Events
Nepal Microfinance Review 2012 - Microfinance rising above the turmoil – a financial and social analysis
This review presents an analysis of the performance of MFIs in Nepal until July 2011 in the context of the continuing uncertainty caused by political conditions there. It uses financial information for Nepali MFIs taken directly from their audited financial statements as well as country level data from publications of the central bank, Nepal Rastra Bank >>>Read the full review
M-CRIL Microfinance Review 2012 - MFIs in a Regulated Environment – a financial and social analysis
M-CRIL’s 2012 integrated financial and social review presents an analysis of the performance of Indian MFIs in the newly regulated environment that is emerging in response to the crisis since October 2010 in this sub-sector of the Indian financial services industry. >>>Read the full review
M-CRIL India Indices of Microfinance 2012
M-CRIL hereby announces the release of 'M-CRIL India Indices of Microfinance 2012' This release contains measures of the performance of 24 of the largest MFIs in the country. It shows that the Indian MFI sector declined by 21% during 2011-12 and as much as 30% since the beginning of the crisis in October 2010. Nevertheless, MFIs with no operations in AP are still doing reasonably in terms of portfolio quality. >>>Read More
Responsible & viable micro-lending needs “smart” regulation - Some suggestions from EDA & M-CRIL
This paper contains a summary of the regulatory framework after revisions followed by EDA and M-CRIL's comments on the revised framework. We urge "smart" measures to make responsible lending more effective for financial inclusion while enabling the viable functioning of MFIs >>> Read more
[M-CRIL’s comments on the Microfinance Bill tabled in Parliament] - Is this the beginning of the end of the crisis?
India’s Microfinance Bill – Microfinance Institutions (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2012 – was tabled in the Indian Parliament on 29 May 2012. The bill has been modified, but only slightly, from the draft Microfinance Bill... >>>Read more
[Revised Note] Liberalisation of foreign borrowings by Indian MFIs
How best to leverage this regulatory concession
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