Country Analyses

M-CRIL is skilled in identifying and managing country-wide data to provide comprehensive analysis of institutional financial and social trends relating to financial inclusion with a perspective on the regulatory environment and policy issues.

M-CRIL contributes to the The Global Microscope of the Economist Intelligence Unit, covering interviews and analysis in several countries of Asia and Africa, to measure the conditions and enabling environment for financial inclusion. The 2016 Microscope examines the inclusiveness of countries’ financial sectors by considering best practices in the national regulatory environment and institutional support in the safe provision of a wide range of financial products and services to low income populations.

A series of M-CRIL reviews focusing on microfinance institutions (MFIs) chronicles the role of MFIs in the Indian economy since 2001. Country reviews of microfinance have been undertaken for Nepal and Cambodia.

M-CRIL Microfinance Review: Risk, Regulation and Reward
Nepal Microfinance Review
Cambodia: Investors’ playground or force for financial inclusion?

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