M-CRIL Appeals and Complaints Policy

M-CRIL’s Appeals Policy provides a formal and systematic process to organisations that complete a rating or certification by M-CRIL and may seek to appeal against the rating/certification decision. The aim is to resolve any appeals in a consistent and responsive manner, to the satisfaction of all parties. The policy applies to the following: Microfinance Institutional Rating (MIR), Client Protection Certification (CPC), Code of Conduct Assessment, Social Rating, NGO Rating.

Within 10 working days of receiving a decision from M-CRIL, the institution’s MD/CEO can write to the M-CRIL Director responsible for the Rating/Certification Committee, at francessinha@m-cril.com. The written appeal should specify the points of disagreement and provide clear evidence for the institution’s opinion. The evidence will be reviewed by the M-CRIL team and members of the Rating Committee who finalised the rating/certification decision, and a response will be provided to the institution within 14 working days.

M-CRIL’s policy on Client Protection Certifications is aligned to the requirements of the Smart Campaign. In case an institution is not satisfied with the response of M-CRIL to an appeal, it may contact the Smart Campaign directly. In case there are independent complaints that a financial institution that is CPP certified by M-CRIL, is not in compliance, a written complaint with clear evidence may be sent to the address given above. The complaint will be reviewed and action taken, in discussion with the Smart Campaign. Note: any complaint by a client of a financial institution should be channelled through the grievance review mechanism of the institution.