Institutional Rating

A Microfinance Institutional Rating (MIR) provides an expert opinion on medium-term institutional viability and credit-worthiness.  It is often a requirement of due diligence linked to lending or investment, which can also identify areas for future strengthening.

The institutional rating covers:

  • Country microfinance environment
  • Governance
  • Management systems
  • Financial performance
  • Responsible practices

This rating follows the guidelines set out in The Rating Guide developed with inputs from M-CRIL and the other (three) specialist rating agencies.The approach integrates traditional organisational and financial analysis with issues of client protection and mission alignment, so as to include regulatory concerns and social risk factors that are relevant to reputation and therefore to the sustainability of the institution.

Read more about our approach:   M-CRIL MIR brochure 

Note, the institutional rating can be combined with a social rating to provide an indepth opinion on double bottom line performance.

“We appreciate your efforts. The M-CRIL ratings report has come out well and we hope to become more robust and effective as an organization in coming days.”

Rahul Kasinadhuni, Founder Director and CFO, Saggraha Management Services Pvt Limited. August 2016

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