MIV rating

The rating of Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIV) responds to the need for transparent and systematic information at the investor level on financial and social performance.

The rating is relevant to:

  • prospective funders, to offer a way to assess investment purpose and performancein relation to their own investment goals and social values and to compare different funds directly
  • to the MIV management, to provide a systematic profile and analysis of strengths and issues, and to
  • prospective investees (MFIs) who look for differences between the funders that approach them.

For this new initiative, supported by Anthos Amsterdam and Swiss Development Cooperation, M-CRIL adapted the existing MFI level rating framework (financial and social) to apply to the funding level. The adaptations were made to reflect assessment at the level of the institutional manager, the fund and the investees.

For an example of an MIV rating report, see: https://www.incofin.com/en/publication/m-cril-rating-incofin-cvso-rural-impulse-fund-i

For M-CRIL’s write up of the initial pilot, published in European Dialogue No. 3, ‘Making Microfinance Investment Responsible’. See report

Contact our Director, Frances Sinha, francessinha@m-cril.com for more information.