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Incorporating EDA Rural Systems



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Time to get real about women and financial inclusion

Our director Frances Sinha facilitated this (one and only) all-women panel at the Inclusive Finance India Summit, 6 December 2016. Stand by for the blog on the recommendations.

Read what was published in the summit bulletin


M-CRIL Microfinance Review 2014: Risk, regulation & reward

A financial & social analysis, this review is Volume 9 of a series that provides an empirical and analytical chronicle of thehistory of MFIs in India.

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Making the Case for Outcomes Management to Financial Service Providers

What is outcomes management? How do financial service providers use outcomes data?

Author: Frances Sinha, Editor: Amelia Greenberg

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Guidelines on Outcomes Management for Financial Service Providers

Key terms and 10 STEPS for practical, cost-effective, outcomes management

Author: Frances Sinha, Editor: Amelia Greenberg

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