A schools rating provides an expert opinion on management and financial performance, along with an assessment of teaching quality and learning outcomes for children.

The rating is applicable both to Government schools, and to affordable private schools.  Affordable private schools offer low cost education in many countries filling a gap in the public systems.

Nevertheless recognising the importance of public schools, M-CRIL has also developed framework for government schools and worked with a State government in India to improve learning outcomes.

The schools rating covers:

  • Inputs
    • governance,
    • Infrastructure
    • funding
  • Processes
    • learning environment
    • community engagement
  • Outputs and outcomes
    • learning outcomes

The approach involves focus group discussions with teachers, parents, school management committee (SMC) members, observation of facilities and teaching, interactions with children and independent testing of learning levels.

This rating tool was developed in partnership with Pratham, India,The Teacher Foundation and Ofsted, UK

Read more about our approach:  M-CRIL School Rating brochure 

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