SPI4 Audit

M-CRIL team members are qualified by Cerise to conduct SPI4 audits.

The SPI4 audit – and the more summary SPI4 Alinus developed for social investors – is an industry tool for the assessment of organisational systems for social performance management. It comprises a set of indicators that reflect the practice of the Universal Standards of Social Performance Management, developed by the Social Performance Task Force.

The audit covers the standards along six dimensions of social performance management:

  • Define and Monitor Social Goals
  • Ensure Board, Management and employee commitment to Social Goals,
  • Treat clients responsibly – client protection,
  • Design products, services, delivery models and channels that meet clients’ needs and preferences,
  • Treat employees responsibly,
  • Balance financial and social performance.

SPI4 audits may be undertaken as a separate assessment, or be integrated into a social rating, at a relatively small additional cost.

SPI4 reports are shared with Cerise for the development of industry benchmarks.

Contact our Vice President Nitin Madan, nitinmadan@m-cril.com for more information.