Ratings & Certifications

M-CRIL is a pioneer in the development and implementation of specialist ratings – in microfinance and other development sectors. We develop unique tools and contribute to the development of industry standards.

We offer a number of products for rating, certifications, audits and assessments – relevant to financial service providers, farmer producer organisation, NGOs and schools.

M-CRIL’s teams have undertaken over 1,400 ratings/assessments in 30 countries – with leading and small financial service providers, microfinance institutions, NGOs, government schools and affordable private schools. In 2016, we started to rate Peer2Peer lending platforms.

The approach for different types of ratings or assessments usually includes:

  • Review of data available with the institution
  • Interviews with institutional stakeholders – board members, management, field staff/teachers
  • A strong field component to be able to assess operations on the ground as well as feedback from clients.