Social Rating

A social rating provides an expert opinion on the social performance of an institution, and the likelihood that it meets social goals in line with accepted social values.

The social rating covers:

  • Country context
  • Social Performance Management and Governance
  • Social responsibility – to staff and to clients
  • Depth of Outreach
  • Quality of services

This rating is aligned with the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (USSPM), the global standards developed through stakeholder engagement by the Social Performance Task Force.

This rating follows the guidelines set out in The Social Rating Guide developed with inputs from M-CRIL and the other (three) specialist rating agencies, and co-authored by M-CRIL’s director.

M-CRIL offers a social rating based on information collected by the MFI as part of its MIS and reporting system.  This information can be supplemented by field survey and interviews organised as part of the rating.

Read more about our approach:  M-CRIL Social Rating brochure

Note, the social rating can be combined with an institutional rating to provide an indepth opinion on double bottom line performance.

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