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Helping Sathapana Bank strengthen their Client Protection standards

M-CRIL conducted a one-day workshop in November 2018 for the Senior Managers of Sathapana Bank (Cambodia) on Client Protection and Client Protection Principles (CPPs). This included working towards examining why client protection was key to risk management at the Bank, and for building understanding and buy-in on the new version of CPPs which encompass more detailed indicators related to loans, savings, insurance and payments. The team also conducted a self-assessment on compliance with the CPPs as part of the workshop.

Workshop on ‘’Contemporary Issues related to FPOs” organized by FWWB, Ahmedabad on 29-30 October 2018

Ashok Kumar, Executive Director, Livelihoods & Value Chains, M-CRIL and a renowned expert of the Farmer Producer Organisations/producer companies (FPO) and livelihoods sector was invited to present on‘’M-CRIL’s FPO Rating & Assessment Tools’’ at a workshop on ‘’Contemporary Issues related to FPOs” organized by FWWB, Ahmedabad on 29-30 October 2018. At the same workshop, he was also invited to participate in a panel discussion on ‘’FPO governance and compliances’’.

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M-CRIL’s role in The Global Microscope 2018 on Financial Inclusion

The latest Global Microscope report 2018 by The Economist Intelligence Unit has been released. This is a compendium on the state of financial inclusion in 55 countries that have been benchmarked and ranked. M-CRIL has contributed to the benchmarking of the regulatory and operational environments in 9 of the 55 countries. This contribution entailed detailed research on policy and regulations as well as interviews with government officials, regulators, heads of financial institutions and other stakeholders such as digital financial service providers. For this purpose, M-CRIL was able to leverage its extensive experience of the financial sector in multiple countries of Asia and Africa.
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Notes from the Field 3: Fintech and the demand side challenge in financial inclusion

“Rural women are much smarter than you” thundered a leading official of the Niti Aayog when a member of a public audience had the temerity to challenge him about the adverse effects of demonetisation …


M-CRIL Microfinance Review 2014: Risk, regulation & reward

A financial & social analysis, this review is Volume 9 of a series that provides an empirical and analytical chronicle of thehistory of MFIs in India.

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Making the Case for Outcomes Management to Financial Service Providers

What is outcomes management? How do financial service providers use outcomes data?

Author: Frances Sinha, Editor: Amelia Greenberg

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